Navy Rope on a Ship

The term ‘navy rum’ specifically describes rums distilled in wooden pot stills (just because it’s a dark rum or sailors drank it doesn’t make it a navy rum)

The only remaining working wooden pot stills in the world can be found at the Diamond Distillery in Guyana

The original strength accepted as navy strength rum was 57% ABV

A Bit of Wood’s History

Wood’s was established in 1887 by the Wood’s Distribution Company in Liverpool

Seeing all the sailors unloading their Demerara rum on the docks, the Wood’s company seized an opportunity to set up an import agreement with the Diamond Distillery to buy their rum, bottle it and sell it to the British Navy

The British Navy had adopted a daily rum ration of half a pint of proof rum to all sailors in the late 18th century

Rum was chosen as the official drink of the Royal Navy due to pressure from the Caribbean plantation owners, who held huge financial sway in the 18th century